Downloading FREEBIES

How do I download FREEBIES from the Dunham Design Company Facebook Page?


{Please Note: I am giving you instructions using a Mac (Apple) computer.}

First, you must LIKE the Dunham Design Company Facebook Page for access to FREEBIES I create.

Once you are on the Facebook Page, click on NOTES in upper right corner of your desktop computer. It does not work from your I-Pad or I-Phone or similar device.

Select the FREEBIE you want.

Look in the comment section at the bottom of the FREEBIE you want.  You will see a link that looks like https://drive.google.com/....  Click on that link.

Click on the image of the printable you want to download and save or print.

Click on the DOWN ARROW button/icon on the bottom right corner to download the printable on your computer and save it.  It will automatically download on your computer and show you a preview of it.  Select FILE, then SAVE AS from the upper left corner.  Choose where to save your file on your computer for later use.  To print, simply click on the PRINT button/icon located just above the DOWN ARROW/DOWNLOAD button/icon.  This will send the file for printing on your printer, but make sure your printer is ON first!

If all else fails, I would be happy to offer you almost any FREEBIE printable for $5 in my Etsy Shop called Dunham Design Company.  You can contact me via the Dunham Design Company Etsy Shop website and I create a custom listing for you to purchase.

Ordering Printables via Dunham Design Company Etsy Shop

What happens once I order a printable?

Once your order is placed and payment has been verified, you will receive the file via Etsy's new instant download which is ready for printing.  You can choose to print it at home or send it to a print shop.  Then you can cut and assemble your printable at home.  You can print as many copies as you like.  

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, custom means you can have your own photo/text inserted into the printable for certain designs.  Contact me via Dunham Design Company Etsy Shop.  

How long does it take once I place my order?

It should take no longer than three business days once payment is received for you to receive your non-custom order.  Custom orders take longer.

Do you send proofs?

No, not at this time.  If there is some sort of mistake, I will work quickly to correct it.

Can I edit the printables?

No, you can not edit them.  They are e-mailed to you ready to print.

What if there is an error with my order?

Errors and mistakes could only occur with custom orders or text mistakes.  If there is some sort of mistake, I will work quickly to correct it.

Do you ever send the printable set via USPS already printed, cut, and assembled?

Yes, I can do that!  I can cut the Toppers out in circles with a 2 inch circle craft punch and tape them to sticks and have the banner cut and assembled with ribbon as well as other items within the printable set.  The cost is $100 with shipping included.  I only ship within the United States via USPS Priority Mail at this time.  Please allow extra time for assembly and shipping. Rush Orders will cost extra depending on how soon you need it and what USPS charges to overnight the shipment.  Contact me via Dunham Design Company Etsy Shop

Can I have the colors customized of a printable I see in your Etsy Shop?

No, not at this time.

Can I have text added to Food/Other Labels?

Yes, for the cost of $10 extra with certain designs.

Do you provide Rush Orders?

Yes, for the cost of $10 extra.

Printing & Paper

What kind of printer do you use?

I have a regular HP inkjet printer- it's nothing fancy or costly, but it works well and is very reliable.

Should I print the printables at home or have it sent to a printing company?

You can do whatever you prefer to do.  If you can not decide, try printing it at home first.  If you are not satisfied, then send it to a printing company like Staples or Kinkos.  You can print as many copies as you like.

What kind of paper should I use to print on? 

I use bright white cardstock paper to print on.  You can purchase it at various office supply stores and even Sam's Club.

Why do the colors look different on the computer screen and the printed printable?

If this occurs, check your ink cartridge for replacement and adjust your intensity settings on your printer and screen display monitor.  There will most likely be a small variation in color from most screens to printed printable.


What is included in your printable party sets?

Most party printable collections will include: Bunting {HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bunting}, BLANK Bunting {you can fill in yourself with name}, Toppers, Tent Cards {you can write in the names of your party food dishes, use as name cards, or use as a thank you}, Cupcake Wrappers, Favor Box, and Party Hat.

How do I assemble the Bunting?

Bunting Instructions: Cut out each flag, punch two holes on top of each flag to string with ribbon and hang.  Please note that I often create the Bunting using more than one pattern so the letters will alternate in pattern.  {For example: H is one pattern and A is another pattern in the word HAPPY.}    

How do I assemble the Toppers?

Toppers Instructions: The toppers will now print out in squares giving the customer the option of using squares or circles.  I purchased a 2 inch circle craft punch {brand: The Paper Studio} at Hobby Lobby for $12.  It is pictured above.  I then cut out the Toppers in strips {shown in photo above} and punched out each 2 inch circle perfectly! 

How do I assemble the Tent Cards?

Tent Cards: Cut out each Tent Card {shown in photo above} and fold in middle so it stands on a table.  You can write in your food party dish names, use as name/place cards, or use as a thank you.  

How do I assemble the Cupcake Wrappers?

Cupcake Wrappers: Cut out each Cupcake Wrapper {shown in photo above}.  Wrap around cupcake and tape together on the inside and outside.  Make sure you wrap the cupcake with the Cupcake Wrapper positioned the correct way-it should arc down on both sides like a rainbow {shown in photo above} and then wrap it around the cupcake.  

How do I assemble the Favor Box?

Favor Box: Cut out the Favor Box.  Place on table with design facing downward.  Fold up along dotted lines around bottom square.  Then, fold sides into each other.  

How do I assemble the Party Hat?

Party Hat: Cut out Party Hat along solid black line {not outer dotted line}.  Fold side where it tells you to fold.  Wrap and tape together.  Punch holes where the two Xs are located and string with elastic string.  Embellish with ribbon and pom poms!  

What tools do I need to assemble a printable party set?

In short, you need a computer with printer to print it yourself at home or you can use a print shop.  You also need bright white cardstock paper, scissors, tape, small hole punch to string ribbon through, ribbon/string for Bunting, and a 2 inch craft circle hole punch.  I did not use anything fancy to cut this-just some good sharp scissors and my 2 inch circle craft hole punch. And you do not need the two inch craft hole punch-you could cut it in squares or use scissors to cut out the circles.  It was very simple and easy to assemble.  It's not hard at all!

How do I assemble Invitations?

Depending on the style, three/two invitations will print out on each sheet of paper saving you money on printer ink! The three style invitation fits in a standard business envelope saving you money on envelopes! Invitations: After printing, you have two options on how to cut the invitations. First, you can cut along the dashes and create a white border around your invitation. Or second, you can cut along the solid black rectangle line leaving no white border around the invitation design. After cutting, fill in the details of your party in your own handwriting or open the file in a photo program to add your party details. It's so easy!

How To Add Text To Party Printables Using My Computer

As many of you already know, I have an Etsy Shop called Dunham Design Company where I design and sell party printables that the buyer prints in the comfort of his/her own home.  I sell all kinds of themed party printables as well as everything from invitations, to cupcake wrappers, to favor boxes and more! I have been asked how to add text to the printable invitations so here is a very easy and free way to do it from your home computer. {You can not do this with I-Pads, I-Phones, or similar devices.}

Step 1

Go to this Free online program called Pixlr:  http://apps.pixlr.com/express/  

Step 2

Select Browse

Step 3

Select the File you want to add text to and Open it.  {The file should have already been saved in your computer.}

Step 4

Along the bottom of your screen, select the Type icon and click it.

Step 5

Select the Font you want in any category.

Step 6

Type the text in the text box at the bottom.  You will notice text appearing on top of your printable on the computer screen.  You can make the text bigger or smaller by clicking and holding on the dots on the square box surrounding your text.  {see photos 2 and 3 below} Click and hold the dot and make the text box fit where you want the text to appear.

Step 7

Select Left, Middle, or Right Justify for the text.

Step 8

Select Color of the text.

Step 9

Once you are finished filling in all three spaces of the printable invitation, select to Save it at 100%.  Close Pixlr and open the saved file from your computer.  Now you can print the invitation with your own personal text! It's really very easy! Tip: You can also use this same tutorial to add text to other types of printables such as bunting!

Other Products

Can you give me some information on your pillows that you sell at Dunham Design Company Etsy Shop?

Read through the pillow collage below that shows you all of the details about the pillows offered.


What about refunds & exchanges?

Products are non-refundable.  If there is a problem with your order, please let me know immediately and I'll try to resolve the issue. 

Additional Questions

Why did you decide to change the name of your Etsy Shop from mommy's idea notebook to Dunham Design Company?

I decided to change the name to better reflect to customers what is available in my Etsy Shop.

Do you work regular business hours?

No, I do not.  I tend to work late at night-especially when I get lost in creating a collection!

Thank you for your business!


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